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Bluetooth Fashion Smartwatch

Bluetooth Fashion Smartwatch

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Noninvasive measurements can't be compared to medical products, the difference is about 5-30%, please note that: 

① Generally, fasting whole blood glucose is 3.9-6.1 mmol/l (70-110 mg/dl)

When exceeding 10 millimoles, pay attention to the changes and seek medical attention if necessary. When exceeding 13.9 millimoles, hospitalization is required.

Pay attention to changes when it is below 3.9. If it continues to decrease, seek medical attention. If it is below 2.8, seek medical attention immediately.

Postprandial blood glucose normal value

1 hour after meal: Blood sugar 6.7-9.4 millimoles per liter. At most, it should not exceed 11.1mmol/L (200mg/dl).

2 hours after meal: Blood glucose ≤ 7.8 mmol/L.

3 hours after meal: return to normal after the third hour

Normal blood glucose levels of pregnant women

① Pregnant women should not exceed 5.1mmol/L on an empty stomach.

② Pregnant women should not exceed 10.0mmol/L within 1 hour after meals to determine the normal level of blood sugar.

③ Pregnant women should have a normal blood sugar level of no more than 11.1mmol/L within 2 hours after meals

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